I just want to congratulate you on the fantastic service I received from David a couple of weeks ago.
After a phone conversation about the problem he dropped in on his way home with the required equipment.
Due to lack of light he returned the following week while I was away for work and completed the job.
He was prompt, efficient and courteous.
Thanks for a great job.

Karen Sims

Midland Irrigation put in a watering system for the gardens at Fairbank House, Maldon, before the Millennium drought. Subsequent renovations destroyed that system and with new landscaping, another generation of Midland irrigators set Fairbank up again last year. I was apprehensive of water bills which were high in previous summers and barely kept trees and plants alive. Wes and his colleagues set up a terrific system where the garden’s green and welcoming for Fairbank’s guests – and the water bill is much the same as previous summers of hand watering, but with vastly different results.  Couldn’t be happier for Fairbank, its beautiful gardens, and for our guests.

Michele Waddington – Fairbank House

I Would like to thank you for the installation of the irrigation system for our fruit tree’s.
On first coming up the drive way I thought the works had not been completed as the dirt excavated to lay the pipe had been replaced and levelled and no sign of rubbish.
It was an absolute pleasure to come home to the works completed. I have had many trades over the 8 years carry out works and repairs at home, this is the first time we have not had to pick up and clean up after the trades person.

Your employee is doing an outstanding job representing Midland Irrigation I will be recommending Midland Irrigation to Family and friends.

Louise Beggs

Thanks for your Prompt service when our house tank pump ‘died’ yesterday.
Tim & Garry were great to deal with! I really appreciated how Garry put a ‘loan pump’ in, to ensure we had water overnight. I knew nothing about pumps, but he took the time and explained it all. Oh and your TV advertising works too! Your song came to my mind straight away when i was thinking who to call.

Jan Alexander

We have found the service at Midland Irrigation excellent. Having moved to Bendigo recently from a farm in Northern Victoria we decided to use Midland to help with putting together a watering system for our new lawn. We had used Midland in the past on the farm and have always found the staff friendly and helpful. Our yard now has a great watering system thanks to the team at Midland. The after hours services has been excellent as we had a few teething problems as we were not use to automatic sprinkler systems. We would like to thank Midland Irrigation for the service.

Judi Perry

I wanted to congratulate you and the team for the terrific work that was done to install a new irrigation system on our property.
From the first contact with the team coming to our site, understanding our needs, completing a design and quote in timely manner, we have been really impressed with the quality of your service, your professionalism and the care that you took with our job.
In addition, the use of the satellite image for the design was excellent and really helped us to understand that the design was going achieve all that we wanted.
Getting a fully automated 12 zone system has been a great investment, and we are delighted with the result.
Thanks again for the great work and we are more than happy for you to use us as a reference for any future customers that may be considering your services.


Andrew Walduck

Midland Irrigation has designed quoted and installed many systems for us over the years. They are always punctual very obligating and professional in the manner of completing the project.

Barry Rinaldi, Mayor Central Goldfields Shire.

Barry Rinaldi

Just a short note to thank Michael Checkley and all his team at Midland Ballarat for my excellent experience of their customer service and technical knowledge.
I have used Midland Ballarat for a number of years on both of our farms and, whether on site or in the shop, found the staff to be courteous and technically competent. My neighbours and farming contacts in the region have told me they have had similar experiences with the Midland staff.
Keep up the good work and I look forward to using Midland Ballarat in the future.

Greg Pettiona