Domestic Lawn/Garden

Getting the right irrigation system can be quite a challenge – products are constantly improving – so you need to be sure your not buying outdated technology – That’s where we come in – Our staff are constantly undergoing training to be up to date with the latest technology to ensure you get the best possible product for your project.

Your system can be manual or automatic; fully installed by our team or supplied for do-it-yourself projects.
We offer a design and consultation service and stock a comprehensive product range to cater for any system in its entirety.

We are agents for all of the major brands in the irrigation industry, and have excellent supplier relationships. This means that comprehensive advice and service is at hand when and where you need it.

Micro Irrigation

This line of low volume irrigation products is designed for maximum irrigation efficiency, water savings, energy savings, and longer field life. A wide selection of products and brands is available for nearly every type of crop and field application.


Midland Irrigation designs, supplies and installs garden and turf watering systems for all types and sizes of projects.

We have designed and installed systems for:

  • bowling greens
  • race tracks
  • corporate holdings
  • polo fields
  • commercial landscapes
  • golf courses
  • school grounds
  • caravan parks
  • public gardens
  • football ovals
  • public and private fountains
  • public and private gardens

Agricultural Systems

If you wish to water fruit, vines or vegetables, Midland Irrigation can design, supply and install an irrigation system that meets your needs.

Systems available include in-line drip, on-line drip, micro spray, under-vine sprinklers, mini sprinklers, vineyard frost control, travelling irrigators as well as centre pivot and lateral moves.

We also supply both manual and fully automated filtration systems, including sand, mesh and screen to ensure trouble free operation of your irrigation system.

Midland Irrigation systems ensure an even application of water every time.