At Midland Irrigation, we stock a huge range of pipe. We have Poly and PVC pipe in a range from Low Pressure irrigation pipe, right through to Large Bore Pipe for moving both potable and recycled water. We pride ourselves on having the stock to sell to you by the coil or by the truck load.

Current Poly Cash Pricing:

Low Density

LD1525 POLY L/D 13mm x 25mtrs $10.00
LD1550 POLY L/D 13mm x50mtrs $19.00
LD15100 POLY L/D 13mm x100mtrs $29.00
LD15300 POLY L/D 13mm x300mtrs $85.00
LD2025 POLY L/D 19mm x 25mtrs $15.00
LD2050 POLY L/D 19mm x 50mtrs $30.00
LD20100 POLY L/D 19mm x100mtrs $45.00
LD20200 POLY L/D 19mm x200mtrs $89.00
LD2525 POLY L/D 25mm x25mtrs $25.00
LD2550 POLY L/D 25mm x 50mtrs $36.00
LD25100 POLY L/D 25mm x100mtrs $65.00
LD25200 POLY L/D 25mm x200mtrs $130.00

Rural Poly

RP20200 RURAL POLY 3/4p x 200mt $103.00
RP25200 RURAL POLY 1p x 200mt $125.00
RP32150 RURAL POLY 1-1/4p x 150mt $136.00
RP40150 RURAL POLY 1-1/2p x 150mt $191.00
RP50100 RURAL POLY 2p x 100mt $226.00
RP75100 RURAL POLY 2-1/2P X 100MT $454.00
RP90100 RURAL POLY 3 X 100MT $627.00

Metric Poly

MP2025 POLY 20mm x 25m PN12.5 $22.00
MP2050 POLY 20mm x 50m PN12.5 $32.00
MP20200 POLY 20mm x 200m PN12.5 $125.00
MP2525 POLY 25mm x 25m PN12.5 $27.00
MP2550 POLY 25mm x 50m PN12.5 $47.00
MP25200 POLY 25mm x 200m PN12.5 $172.00
MP3225 POLY 32mm x 25m PN12.5 $48.00
MP3250 POLY 32mm x 50m PN12.5 $76.00
MP32200 POLY 32mm x 200m PN12.5 $290.00
MP4025 POLY 40mm x 25m PN12.5 $78.00
MP4050 POLY 40mm x 50m PN12.5 $114.00
MP40150 POLY 40mm x 150m PN12.5 $317.00
MP5050 POLY 50mm x 50m PN12.5 $168.00
MP50150 POLY 50mm x 150m PN12.5 $462.00
MP6350 POLY 63mm x 50m PN12.5 $249.00
MP63100 POLY 63mm x 100m PN12.5 $488.00

Whether you need one roll, or one hundred.

Midland Irrigation can get you what you need, when you need it.