Sustainable Affordable Variable Environmental

  • Save water by reducing over-watering
  • Save money by avoiding excess water bills
  • Save time and labour with automatic systems
  • Save your plants and soil

Midland Irrigation specialises in the design of irrigation and water management systems that protect the environment.

Climate Change means people are aware of the environment and the need for efficient, effective management of our precious water resources.

Midland Irrigation systems:

  • enhance water conservation
  • help avoid environmental damage from flooding and drought
  • assist with disposal and recycling of waste water.

We install automatic valves and controllers to eliminate over-watering and water wastage. Pumps can assist with the control of salinity problems. Our simple and clever water retention and reuse systems mean enhanced self-sufficiency for your home, business or enterprise.

If you care for the environment as we do, ask us to provide a water solution that meets your needs and protects our way of life.